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Teenage Kicks Project - Barnardos

Childrens charity - Barnardo's symbol
Barnados Symbol

Teenage Kicks is a project that I ran with the 'Childrens Charity' - Barnardo's.

This project is based in Liverpool, Merseyside. It was created as an outlet and aid for a particular group of local teenages. The Teenage Kicks project is specifically for teenage "Young Carers" with the extra responsability of caring for a parent or family member who is not able to care for themselves.

Being a young carer can be very stressful and can bring about a lot of anger and resentment. The Teenage Kicks project gives this group of teenages the opportunity to vent their frustrations and address their issues. Let's not forget they are not just Young Carers, they are also teenagers and face all the trials and tribulations that any normal teenager would.

After a series of issue-based workshops, the group take an active part in a very entertaining presentation and performance to an invited audience.