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Liverpool Culture Mural

 Liverpool Culture mural.
Liverpool Mural depicting artist and poet


The city of Liverpool is currently European Capital of Culture 2008, together with the current biennal celebrations, resulting in numerous festivals and events with bountiful displays of art and culture, depicted throughout the city and suburbs.

In order to visit and view many of the exhibitions you will need lots of spare time and a map showing the exact location of the art, as a number are off the beaten track.

Below you will find our gallery of one such hidden display of art and culture.  The piece consists of a colourful and very interesting mural painted across several panels.  The theme of the mural is Liverpool history and culture - then and now.  Each panel shows a different time line of Liverpool and how it merges into the next generation and its contribution to Liverpool good or bad. The painting shows people arriving in Liverpool looking for work - it goes on to show prosperity and poverty, the overhead railway, ship building, the second world war, Toxeth riots, dockers strike, a selection of Liverpool characters (famous and not so famous) who have contributed to Liverpool culture making Liverpool unique.

The images below show individual panels of the mural - for easy viewing.

The artist, Alan Murray has been commisioned to paint a selection of themed murals on various Liverpool walls. Alan also works with me on various projects in schools.

The painting depicts a number Liverpool characters and famous faces - how many can you name?  This would make a great pub quiz question - Name the faces on the wall.

To help you I will give you the names of three of the characters on the far right:

  1. Man standing far right wearing blue cap and blue jacket, holding pain brushes and his dog's lead: This is a self portrait of Alan Murray (the artist)
  2. The black and white dog standing bottom right: Max (Alan Murray's dog)
  3. The young lady to the left of man in blue wearing a pink top with long blond hair (carrying a guitar to symbolise creativity) Laura Walsh ( Poet)

Where can you see this work of art?

This mural is hidden from the main road and it is unlikely that you will see this in passing,  it is  less than 10 minutes (by car) from The Pier Head . Below are directions from Strand Street (back of Royal Liver Buildings)

  • At the rear of The Royal Liver Building Head southeast on A5036/Strand St toward Strand St
  • Passing the Albert Dock on your right hand  continue to follow A5036 (the main road that runs alongside the river) .
  • Turn right at A5036/Sefton St Go through 1 roundabout .
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Riverside Dr 
  • Travel along Riverside Drive heading away from Liverpool Pier Head  (Strand Street ) and the Albert Dock (with the river Mersey on your right)
  • You will pass the last block of apartments on your left (just before Promenade Gardens and the car park facing the river) and the entrance road to the apartments - Ellerman Road - .
  • At this point it is better to go by foot .
  • Turn down Ellerman Road ( keeping to the right walk down the footpath, with the railing on your left and Promenade Gardens on your right)  the mural is painted on the wall to your right opposite the ornate fountain display located on your left.

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