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Impact Photo Gallery

Girls Allowed Project - Impact School

Impact is a pupil referral unit based in Sefton, Merseyside. It offers both main stream and alternative vocational education and training to children who have been excluded or do not attend mainstream education.

I was asked by the school to create a program that would engage a group of young women, aged between 14-16 years, to tackle their issues in a fun, creative, yet educational manner. The program I created was called ‘Girls Allowed’ (links to photo gallery located to the left side this page).

Girls Allowed Project

This project is a forum or platform to allow young vulnerable women to express themselves using various art forms, in a safe, non-judgemental, unprejudiced and comfortable environment. It is my hope that the skills, knowledge and hopefully new found confidence that they build, will stay with them into adulthood and help make a rocky road maybe, just that little bit smoother.

Issues Covered

  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Homelessness
  • Anger Management I
  • nterview Techniques
  • Dysfunctional Families
  • Peer Pressure & Fitting in
  • Role Models in Today’s Society
  • Racism & Stereotypes
  • Teenage Issues & problems e.g. Pregnancy
  • Bullying
  • Loss & Bereavement
  • Self Worth & Self esteem
  • Crime and Gang Culture

Session Resources

Painting of teenager on a banner
Banner Painted by Girls Allowed


DVDs:- sex & relationships, teenage issues, homelessness
CD player:- for playing hip hop beats to rap to
Over Head Projector:- to project images onto the wall to create a banner

Creative- Poetry, Rap, Discussion, Debate, Role plays, monologues

Other activities

  • Painting Canvas’s
  • Badge Making
  • Boxing/FitnessTraining
  • Dance
  • Mirror Making
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Face Painting & Tattoo Art
  • Jean Design
  • Puppet Making
  • Photography
  • Banner Making
  • Collage
  • Beat boxing
  • Sculpture making

Case Study: ******

I noticed that ****** was initially very withdrawn and isolated and didn’t participate in the discussions or activities. As time progressed and she felt more comfortable and familiar in the environment; she would participate a lot more and was very engaged in the discussion work, especially when she could relate to the subject matter e.g. dysfunctional families.

She is now very chatty in the sessions and the other girls tell me that the only time she really chats and lets her personality out is on a Friday during the Girls Allowed Sessions.

I have noticed a change in all the girls who regularly attend the group. As the year has progressed, a mutual respect and bond has grown between myself and the girls. They are never rude to me and always listen to what I have to say. Basically if I’m discussing something they have an interest in, they will listen, it really isn’t rocket science.

Confidence levels have grown throughout the year and the girls are willing to participate in role play and raps which they really enjoy.

In my opinion the key to ‘engagement’ is to be ‘engaging,’ and to be ‘engaging;’ you have to be ‘real’. There really is no other way as far as these kids are concerned, I should know because I was a cheeky kid once and believe me I know ALL the tricks!