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Gang Culture

gang culture banner
Gang Culture Banner

The issue of gang culture is sadly very relevant at this present time, with incidents such as the shooting of Reece Jones and countless other senseless deaths from the misuse of knives and guns.

The Gang Culture project I was involved in was carried out in Waterloo and Park Primary schools in Crosby and Huyton, Merseyside, respectively.

I believe to truly tackle this issue head on, we have to engage children of primary school age, as they will shortly be at risk of becoming part of the Gang Culture, if they haven’t already. This project explored and challenged all issues surrounding gangs and culminated in all children participating in an extremely poignant, thought provoking performance.

I was inspired to write a poem on this subject called "No Respect" which covers many issues of gang culture. I performed the "No Respect" poem on the Billy Butler show, BBC Radio Merseyside and I am led to believe that due to popular demand, this poem  is now being played on air.