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Booking Information

Invite Laura Walsh (poet) to your school or organisation. I am currently the Poet-in-Residence at BBC Radio Merseyside on The Billy Butler Show every Friday afternoon at approx. 3.15pm.

Please complete the form below to make arrangements for me to visit your school or organisation or for more information. The visit could for one-day visit to read and perform my poetry and lead a writing workshop or over several days. Please contact me well in advance to make booking and to avoid disappointment.  If you can be flexible about dates, this will help.

Points to discuss:

  • What is the project about
  • One day visit
  • Several Days visit
  • Is this visit part of a school celebration, i.e. book week
  • Is there a specific theme or curriculum focus
  • Group size
  • Timetable
  • Workshops
  • Performance
  • Questions and Answers
  • A specific group

I have the capability and skill to work with all key stages, ability ranges and with adults. Such visits have a positive effect on pupils and the whole school in general such as a boost in creativity, improved literacy, a rise in confidence, this in turn adds support to the curriculum and act as a celebration, a day of enjoyment in words. This type of project brings poetry alive for young people; learning how poems are made helps to make the pupil to become better readers as well as writers.

If you're interested in making this happen in your school, think about the needs of your pupils and the sort of visit you have in mind. I work in different ways by offering a reading with questions and answers; running workshops and encouraging pupils to write themselves. I use humour and performance to entertain the whole school in the hall or I can read and perform to a class.

Fees and payments: Please contact me by visiting ourContact Us page or click here to email me with your requirements and details.

If materials and equipment are required: what do you need and who will provide it?

Where? Provide me with maps and/or directions.


Your school may be able to raise the money from its own internal sources: school budget, Standards Fund, PTA or through a fund-raising event or if you're thinking of applying for funding from an external source, you can find clear and comprehensive information on funders by visiting www.readingconnects.org.uk and clicking on Funding.