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Performance Booking Information

Invite Laura Walsh ( performance poet) to your event, function or organisation. I am currently the Poet-in-Residence at BBC Radio Merseyside on The Billy Butler Show most Friday afternoon's at  approx. 3.15pm.

Please complete the form below to make arrangements for me to visit your organisation, function or event or for more information for a poetic performance to enchance your entertainment. Please contact me well in advance to make booking and to avoid disappointment.

Points to discuss:

  • What the performance part of a project or function
  • One day visit
  • Several Days visit
  • Is this performance part of a celebration or awards
  • Is there a specific theme or focus
  • Audience size
  • Timetable/ Date
  • Workshops
  • Performance
  • Questions and Answers
  • A specific group

I have the capability to write and perform an entertaining poem on any specified topic to a audience or group of any age or gender.

If you're interested in inviting me to your event or function, think about the requirments of your group and the sort of performance you have in mind. I work in different ways by offering performance to entertain, encourage discussion, promote a debate or topic; facilitate team building, aid workshops and encouraging creativity.

Fees and payments: These are negotiable depending on various factors and requirements. Expenses extra.