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I am available to work with schools or organisations for a one-day visit to read  and perform my poems and lead a writing workshop. I am happy to work with all key stages, all ability ranges and with adults.

Are you interested in inviting me to perform at your event, gig, school or organisation?

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Poetry has many uses besides being a form of enjoyment watching a performance, listening or reading. Poetry is often used as a unique media to inspire creativity and encourage reading, writing, to enlighten and educate.

Poetry might also be used to facilitate discussions especially in group settings (but not essential), the topic could cover any issue, personal or universal. Humorous poetry can be very constructive, as it provides a good laugh, lots of fun as well as an enhancement to learning and debate.

Participants may be invited to respond to poetry in creative writing as an individual and as a group. Writing often enables thoughts to be organised and expressed more efficiently than does verbal communication. Often, writing poetry as a group can encourage group cohesion, an invaluable sense of team work, trust and understanding between group members.